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CH160-doll.jpg (53683 bytes) This 21 inch doll is wearing CH160 in size small.  We hope this will give you some idea of how our size small would fit on your precious baby.  Click on her and her picture will get bigger.

Sizing Information

Infants & Toddlers

Size / Age Weight (lbs.) Height (inches)
Premie 4 to 8 lbs. to 18"
Small - to 6 mos. 8 to 12 lbs. 19 to 23"
Med. - to 12 mos. 12 to 18 lbs. 22 to 25"
Large - to 18 mos. 18 to 23 lbs. 25 to 28"
X-Lg - to 24 mos. 24 to 28 lbs. 31 to 34"


Size Height(inches) Chest(inches) Waist(inches)
2 35 to39 19 to 21 18 to 20
3 39 to 42 20 to 22 19 to 21
4 42 to 46 22 to 24 20 to 22
5 46 to 49 24 to 26 22 to 24
6 49 to 52 26 to 27 24 to 26
7 52 to 55 27 to 29 26 to 28
8 55 to 58 30 to 32 27 to 29
10 58 to 60 31 to 33 29 to 30
12 60 to 62 32 to 34 30 to 31
14 62 to 65 34 to 36 31 to 32


In our years of being involved in the garment industry, we've been amazed at variations in sizing.  When we first developed our own sizing, we called it European sizing because continental fashions ran larger and truer to age.  But many U.S. manufacturers have larger sizing too.  While we can't offer you the assurance that the perfect fit will be achieved, we can offer you our guarantee that if it doesn't fit, we'll replace it within 30 days, on return of the original, unworn, unwashed and in good condition.

The sizes shown represent average measurements.  If your child is a non-average body shape (it takes all kinds, after all), they may need special fitting which we don=t do.  But generally we've been able to satisfy most everybody regarding different sizes and shapes.

You can judge the right size to buy, and if you're wrong, return it for full credit on anything else, or a different size on the same article.


Cotton shrinks!  We recommend you buy the size you need, wash in warm (not hot) water. We also suggest that these items never be dried in a dryer and always hung to dry. But if you insist on washing in hot water, or some lurking novice in your laundry room may do the same, you should probably buy the next larger size and figure on some shrinkage.  These fabrics are beautiful and sturdy, they can handle the temperature except for shrinkage.  But dyes fade faster with hot water, and some dyes will bleed onto the beautiful laces and trims on many of our dresses.

Call us at 435-760-6402, if you have questions or need help with sizing.  We love getting your calls!